Share Your Story!

Please share your story about unemployment, reduced work hours and economic hard times.
  • Have you been affected by job loss, layoffs, and reduced work hours?
  • Do you have inadequate wages or poor benefits for essential things like health care, vacation and retirement?
  • Do you have bills you cannot pay?  Has your home been foreclosed, or are you facing bankruptcy?
Please use the form below or click here for our Share Your Story page.   

The Put America to Work Campaign will use the stories we collect to help educate members of Congress and media about the unemployment crisis, and the human consequences of job loss, poor wages and economic hard times.  

We thank you in advance for your willingness to share your personal experience and speaking out on these difficult issues.  Your involvement is critical for helping to solve this problem.

PS  In the spirit of building solidarity between the currently unemployed and other, employed workers, we are also collecting stories from people who have experienced job loss or economic hardship at other times in their life.   Please indicate the approximate year(s) of your story and how old you were when it happened.